External linkages & University Presence

We Will Show You the Way to Success!  Our Talent Is Finding Yours!

SJS makes sure to be present on ground to identify the exceptional talent through active participation in events like Career Fairs, Recruitment Drives and Open Days. Our people regularly visit universities to guide students on profile development and interviews before they step into the real world. We make sure to take our employees, who are alumni of the universities, to be a part of the visiting team in order for them to share their success story with the students and be an example and inspiration they want to follow!


External Linkages

Joining hands for a better tomorrow!

SJS strives to be the Employer of Choice for all the generations to come. A place where our people are given opportunity to express openly, freedom to innovate and an exciting career path which brings new challenges every step of your way to success!

In order to do so, we create partnership with the top universities. Together with the education sector we are trying to identify and address the gaps existing between the corporate world and the education sector, helping in the process to prepare a more efficient and polished creed of potential workforce.

Making Leaders for a brighter tomorrow!